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If you don't have the time to sell on eBay, can help you. We provide a comprehensive list of services to make selling on eBay, fast, simple and convenient.

We have been selling on eBay since 2001 and continue to strive for excellent customer satisfaction. We are recognized eBay experts and are eBay PowerSellers. This simply means that we have met eBay's strict Positive Feedback requirements and Monthly Sales requirements. We are also registered eBay Trading Assitants. We have sold everything from a $.50 book to a $26,000 sports car and everything in between. If you've got one item or one hundred items to sell, we can help you.

It's easy. You just bring us your item(s) and we'll take care of the rest.

Do you want to sell on ebay? We can teach you. We will be offering day long classes to teach you everything you need to know to harness the power of the intenet's most visited Web Site. This class will teach you the secrets that eBay power sellers use everyday to capitalize on this emerging market. Do it for fun or start your own business. This class will be taught by an instructor Certified by eBay.

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Pay More Attention To The Numbers.

To be successful, you must have a business plan. This means calculating my average sales price and selling costs so you'll know how many items to slel monthly to reach my profit goal. If your average profit per item is $10 and you want to make $1,000 per month, then you need to sell about 100 item s monthly. Simple, but effective.

Upcoming Classes - Learn to Sell on eBay

Date Title Description
January, 2007 Sed vestibulum blandit Vivamus sollicitudin dolor sit amet eros. Vivamus ligula. Sed pretium turpis eu ipsum. Sed rutrum sapien id arcu.
February, 2007 Augue non nibh Nam adipiscing urna ac consequat dignissim massa est sodales sem.
March, 2007 Fusce ut diam bibendum Vestibulum quis urn nulla facilis nam malesuada cursus turpis.
April, 2007 Maecenas et ipsum Vivamus mi lectus gravida scelerisque, ultrices vitae cursus in neque.

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